Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance
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In January 2008, employers are required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to purchase medical insurance to protect the well-being of their foreign employees. With effect from 1 January 2010, the minimum insurance coverage for foreign employees will be increased from $5,000 to at least $15,000 a year. This is to help employers cushion the impact of large hospital expenses.

In the event(s) where insured(s) suffer from a work related disability payable under the Work Injury Compensation Act for medical treatment, the maximum benefit(s) payable is $15,000 in aggregate per insured, per policy. Benefit(s) will be payable only after the compulsory Work Injury Compensation Act coverage for medical treatment is payable and the maximum limit had been exhausted during the period of insurance. 

To ensure prompt processing of your claim, it is important that you submit to us a completed claim form, together with the required supporting documents. The claims department will respond to all new claims within two days.

* Medical Claim Form Original
* Work Permit Card Copy
* Medical Report Copy
* Discharge Summary Copy
* Original Medical Tax Invoices
* Death Certificate (if applicable)
* Copy of CPF(Local) and Foreign Workers Levy Statements on policy commencement month
* Payment Receipt

For claims enquiries, please send email to

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