Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance allows you to travel the world with a peace of mind. Be it a single or multiple trip, having a travel insurance covers you from any unforeseen circumstances that might occur, preventing loss of any kind that might be incurred before, during or even after the trip.

What to do in the event of a claim

To ensure prompt processing of your claim, it is important that you complete ALL relevant sections & questions of the claim form that relate to your claim in full, together with the required supporting documents. The claims department will respond to all new claims within two days.

Applicable supporting documents

  • Travel documents such as air tickets, itinerary and/or boarding pass
  • Medical reports/bills/certificates/reports relevant to treatments/hospital admission. Original medical bills will be required if the claim relates to reimbursement
  • Original purchase receipts if the claim relates to the loss of personal property
  • Report lodged with overseas police or other relevant authority if the claim relates to the loss of personal property and/or money
  • Written confirmation issued by the transport service provider if the claim relates to baggage delay, travel delay, travel misconnection or flight diversion
  • Written confirmation by the airline/hotel/travel agency confirming the amount of refund provided if the claim relates to journey cancellation/curtailment
  • Letter from the thirdparty concerned if the claim relates to legal liability
  • Death certificate/post-mortem report/autopsy report/police reports/Letter of Administration if the claim involves fatalities
  • Payment Receipt

Please note that we reserve the right to request additional documents from you should the need arise.

For claims enquiries, please send email to

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